How to Learn SEO and Continue to Develop As an Optimizer

For over 10 years I’ve been performing search engine optimization for organizations ranging from small family businesses run by some of the largest publishing houses in Australia.

I think I know a lot about SEO conferences, websites, web functioning and have respected SEO friends would confirm that. But I’m glad to admit that I have to keep learning if I’m still good at what I’m doing.

SEO changes and we must continue to learn about these changes. The web certainly does not stop. It is a wonderful thing that continues to grow, grow and develop.


So how does an SEO consultant get trained?

The amazing thing about SEO is that there is a wealth of information available for free on the Internet to help you learn more about SEO and keep up with the latest changes.

SEO consultant

But beware! The web is also full of misinformation on the subject. This misinformation often comes from people blogging and commenting on problems they know little about. They cite others without checking the information or testing these ideas on the sites they control.

You will not know all the things SEO read only what others say. You need to test ideas to prove or refute them. With this in mind, here are my 5 best ways to learn SEO and continue their development.

1 – Do what you preach

The first thing I would advise all those who want to learn SEO is that you need to configure, build and manage your own website. Access to a number of sites is even better. This will allow you to test ideas that interact with a range of variables.

2 – Subscribe to newsletters and forums

The web is full of great newsletters and forums. You need to know who your sources of trust and love to read. Make sure to use more than one, but not so many messages fragile. More importantly, always check the information between the sources and try it yourself.

Personally, my two favorite sources of information are Land & Search Engine Search Engine Watch; Mark Jackson is my favorite last author.

3 – Knowledge sharing

A few years ago I was working in one of the largest publishers in Australia, used for home SEO in one of the main properties of the site. Each business unit had a similar person.

First, I had a budget to hire and interact with an external referencing agency or consultant.

Second, the specialized SEO of each business group attended a monthly SEO knowledge exchange group that allowed us to discuss our projects, challenges, and solutions used.

This allowed us to pool our resources and create the learning environment and final test for SEO.

Internal SEO please note this is an excellent strategy for personal development and the benefits of your organization and you. Make sure your business has a budget for external SEO tips. As the song says “We all need someone to press on.”

If you are an internal SEO consultant, work for a lead organization by yourself, you need an SEO support group. These are other people who do what they do and are willing to talk about it.


4 – Conduct SEO Training Course

A number of organizations and agencies offer SEO training courses, although in Australia, has a limited number of quality options.

You will also find a number of courses available on-line own pace. Look around and choose the course that matches the level is and the support you need.

5 – Attend conferences

Whatever their position and function, must remain involved in the industry, meet people, discuss the results and exchange ideas. The best place to do this is by attending industry conferences.

The two organizations listed above for newsletters also carry a number of the very good conference but you need to develop your specific goals and choose SEO conferences that best fit these goals. Australia also has several homes like Boot Camp search engine and search engine room conference, although these are aimed at the beginner level.